Tips for Gamemasters

Gamemasters (sometimes known as Dungeon Masters, Referees and similar such titles) have arguably the toughest job. Gamemasters must learn the bulk of the rules, make judgments where application of the rules may not be clear and are essentially responsible for making the session a fun one for all. From my many years of experience and […]

Come see us in the Bay Area!

  Check our new Events page! We’ll be demoing several events in the Bay Area in August in September: August Star Ascension Open Demos Thursday August 18th 7:00PM to 9:00PM BATdevs Open Playtest 2 Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, 3400 Broadway Oakland, CA 94611 Facebook Event Page Sunday August 21st Locally Grown Game Sundays […]

Future Currency in Space

Science fiction has speculated on the future of currency in space. Some genres barely give it a thought exchanging the term “dollar” for “credit”. Other works of literature base their currency off basic commodities like water or the more exotic commodities like years of life. Centuries from now when mankind has (hopefully) taken to the […]

7 Tips for Players

We can all agree that Gamemasters, Dungeon Masters, Referees (or whatever your game calls them) have a tough job. That doesn’t mean it’s a cake walk for Players either. It’s not easy knowing which skills to buff, rolling ‘1’s, having a well crafted plan fall apart, looting corpses, second guessing everything you do when your […]

So Much Fun at Locally Grown Games!

The Star Ascension Team had so much fun at Games of Berkeley’s Locally Grown Game Sundays event yesterday. We met lots of new friends, played lots of Star Ascension and got to see lots of other exciting games in development. You can learn more about Locally Grown Game Sundays on the Games of Berkeley website. […]

KublaCon 2016

Check us out at KublaCon this year on May 27th through May 30th! For passes and info:¬† KublaCon is at the SFO Hyatt in Burlingame (San Francisco Bay Area) Address: 1333 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010 Phone:(650) 347-1234   We’ll be running a game Friday Night at 8:00 PM (on the 27th). See you […]