Star Ascension


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Star Ascension is a gritty tabletop sci-fi Role Playing Game set in humanity’s future among the stars. Space is dark, cold, dangerous, and unforgiving…

Your character will travel through space encountering and defending against space pirates, renegades, mercenaries and worse.

Unique skills and abilities make each character an invaluable member of a diverse crew. With a well rounded crew, you can overcome nearly any challenge space has to offer.

Star Ascension uses a refreshed version of the OpenD6 System tailored for fast paced sci-fi adventure!

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The Game

IMAG1696_1Star Ascension is a Role Playing Game in which you create and control a character of the 24th Century. You can choose a Character Template for a Soldier, Engineer, Pilot or Merchant among many others which allow you to create a character in only a few minutes! Advanced rules allow you to create your own Character Templates from scratch. Instead of creating a Character, you can be the Gamemaster- a special player that runs all the games and decides and controls all the adversaries and challenges that the Characters will face.

Your character will traverse Known Space and beyond for riches or glory. Star Ascension is an open-sandbox style Role Playing Game meaning you can choose the type of campaign you will play. Free trade, mercenary service, bounty hunting and espionage are just a few examples of the types of campaigns you can play in. Many of your enemies will be the worst of humanity, but there’s no telling what you will encounter out beyond Known Space.

The game is built around the Open D6 System which uses several regular six sided dice. This rule system is very easy and quick to learn and allows players with new Characters to start very quickly. Tactical style rules streamlines combat situations and keep the action going!

The Universe of Star Ascension

In the late 23rd Century, the Star Ascension Project resulted in one of humanity’s greatest achievements- star drive technology. Having spent the previous two centuries crawling through space at fractions of the speed of light, humanity could now travel even further and quicker than ever before through deep space.

Independent explorers and prospectors have begun travelling far beyond the protected area of space that Earth’s navies regularly patrol. Many fall prey to space pirates, natural hazards, equipment failures, renegades hiding in deep space and many horrors far worse.

The Homeworlds and the Earth Hegemony Systems

In the early days of space colonization, explorers from earth settled planets around the nearest systems including Alpha Centauri, Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. Collectively these are today known as the Homeworlds. The Homeworlds in addition to several other more recently settled systems form the Earth Hegemony Systems. The Earth Hegemony Systems is the center of civilization ruled by a central government on Earth and patrolled by the Hegemony Navy.

Known Space and Beyond

Earth’s influence is limited and the majority of settled star systems lie beyond the Earth Hegemony Systems. Many are just as civilized while others are fledgling settlements at the edge of civilization and close to barbarism. These worlds are governed if at all by governments ranging from despotisms, republics or even corporate controlled worlds.

Beyond Known Space is the rest of the universe as yet unexplored. Surprisingly, lost colonies, derelict ships and undocumented expeditions may be found in these regions. It is in these tracts of space that the darkest terrors are rumored to be found.


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